Rams decided to issue new numbers based on seniority


So how did receiver Robert Woods get No. 2 in L.A., when cornerback Jalen Ramsey wanted it?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Rams resolved the situation (and any other number requests) based on seniority. That pointed to Woods, who has more time in the league and more time with the Rams.

If Ramsey had seniority over Woods, Ramsey would have had a big decision to make. The price tag for his unsold inventory of jerseys, we’re told, was in the range of $330,000.

So Ramsey keeps No. 20, Woods gets No. 2 (at surely far less than $330,000 for his unsold jerseys).

Meanwhile, you can still purchase the Woods No. 17 jersey at $59.99. Presumably, any sales will offset the final price that Woods has to pay to shift to No. 2.